Friday, May 2, 2014

Much Awaited Highschool Reunion

It's been 30 years ago since my older sister graduated from our Alma mater in highschool. I have been seeing from her FB account all the photos of their activities for their upcoming reunion before the month ends. Sis is one of the organizers and as the treasurer and I can see that she is very busy along with the other organizers of their batch '84. It's not a joke to organize a big event so I salute them for they have the time and patience to go house-to-house to invite their batchmates even it's hot and humid in the Philippines right now. She is dedicated and enjoying her work, well at least she has the time to go out once in while.

 I've been chatting with sis and she's kinda worried about what to wear for their reunion since it's going to be held in a hotel. A semi-formal attire is also required so for sure they will be all dolled up. With the personality that my sister has I know that she will only look for a dress with simple style and cut but I hope that she will experiment and even upgrade her sense of style. It would be nice if she can wear some hairpieces since I found some hairpieces here but since her hair is too short already, I don't think she will wear a wig or an extension. For sure, some of her batchmates who are bold and a little bit adventoruous when it comes to dressing up will wear something posh and edgy to become center of attraction.

In 3 years time, it'll be our own 30th reunion and I hope by that time, I can come home to celebrate with my own batchmates. I can't remember when was the last time I attended a highschool reunion.