Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Online Shopping can be Addictive

As a mum, I wanted to ensure that the future of my kids will be good that is why my hubby and I are working hard to save for their education. I'm glad that my eldest is now in the University taking up Entertainment Management that includes business management with music. That is what she loves to take and hopefully she can finish it with flying colors.

Eventhough I wanted to penny pinch all the time, shopping can be hard to resist! Well, at least I always shop for my kids and for my house's essentials and splurge on myself when I need too. Thanks to the Internet for I can also shop at my fave online stores like target, and even at e-bay for I can get some good items and discounts. The internet is a vast space for online shoppers looking for practically anything. From simple pen, pillows, furniture to the best hammerax cymbals from guitar center and more. It's a one-stop-shop if you know how or have patience to browse all the stores where you can find the best deals as well.

Online shopping can be addictive for many shopaholics out there but for me, I try to limit my purchases for I always think of my family's finances for I have 3 kids that still needs my assistance. I know there will come a time when I can also shop till I drop when money is overflowing or when I win the lottery. For now, I have to spend wisely on my shopping.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Ways to Enjoy Mummy Life

Busy mummy here but I make sure that I have my "me" time for if not I will go One of the things I always do it to go shopping, have my nails done sometimes at the salon or in my home done by myself. I also love listening to music. Micahel Bubble always makes me giddy and inspired. Love him dearly and my husband loves him too that we play his CD in our car most of the times and we have watched some shows of him when he is here. I could not imagine not having music in our house for it'll be a boring one.

When I was a kid, I tried to learn the guitar but for some reason, I never mastered it. I don't see my kids being inclined to music but Micah did bought a guitar for herself and played too. Now, the guitar is just colelcting dust in her room. Saxophone would be a nice one to play too, and I found guys sexy when they played it. There are some exciting saxophone at wwbw and if only anyone in my family would love to play it, we might consider getting one.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A New Star is Born

It's a delight to read good news feed at my FB account. It's certainly a place where I can get some news from friends and family and to know what they are up to even without talking or seeing them for quite a while. I have learned that one of the daughters of my former HS batchmate is also here in Aussie land and I have to say that she is quite a good singer. She's been everywhere joining singing contests and singing for a charity or whatever to hone her singing skills.

I have watch a video of her and I have to say thats he has a good singing voive. She has great talent and with'more proper training and exposure, I can say that she can be a star here in Filipino community and prehaps back home too. My friend is all support for her daughter going to all singing activities and all. Parents should really need to be beside their children and encourage them more to do good. Giving them moral and financial support are just some of the best ways to encourage them to more good even if they ask them to buy rico reeds at guitar center or any musical stuff needed for their craft.

I guess a star is born again and she just needs to be exposed more and soon she'll be known as a new budding singer.

Busy Mommy Here

Things are really pretty good down here. I've been busy once again since I got to work again after our one month vacation in my home country, Philippines. It's good to be back to work since I get to see my patients and my other colleagues whom I've miss. Apart from that, I can also earn my own money. It's always good to have my own so I can buy what I want and need, it's not that I can't shop when I didn't have my work yet but there's a different feeling when you are earning your own.

I tried to bake once in while, in fact, I did some for daughter's birthday and soon for my son. I could not keep up with the orders for the  moment so I'm just baking for my family as of the  moment.