Thursday, January 30, 2014

Into Digital Music

Our vacation in Pinas last holidays 2013 was indeed a great bonding time with my family. We have been to many places for our mini-vacation: eat and dine, swim, sing and laugh together and I'm wishing to be back once again there in few years. Need to save again for that hehe.

 One of the things I noticed is how my nieces and nephews have grown through the year, most of them are already have their jobs and career. A nephew of mine was into music creation of sort. He loves creating music that can be used on maybe anime shows or even at games, in fact, my other nephew has hired him to do a background music for his local game. I didn't have any clue that he has liking for music, all I know is that he loves to tinker with his computer and digi-cam. It would be nice to get him a digital piano at musicians friend as a gift this coming Christmas again, who knows.

Oh well, I just hope he'd not waist his talent for he can earn money making those music I just hope he'd find clients that will use his original creations.

Fun Videoke New Year's Eve in Pinas

My sister hired a videoke machine that we can use to sing while waiting for 2014 to arrive. Each one of us sings our favorite song and just sing our lungs out. I sung a song or two while the kids and others had their own style of singing. It was so loud and noisy but it's New Year's eve anyway so we have the license to go crazy and get noisy. In fact, the loud sound of firecrackers are deafening already hhaha..

Few years back, we also hired drums and guitars like seagull s6 acoustic before NY's eve and all we had to do is use it to play with it and make some noise. My brothers and his friends played and it attracts people in our neighborhood.

It's fun to celebrate Christmas and New year in the Philippines for the tradition is very much different here, definitely much noisier.

Back from Pinas Vacation

Opps.. I have not mentioned yet that we're finally back from a month long vacation in my home country in the Philippines. We had our holidays spent there last Dec. 9 up until January 12th and I have to say that we all had a blast. It was a great family reunion for our clan as well and after 13 years we are finally complete sans our dad.

I have finally settled and coped with Australian time once again but the dew days that we are here, I feel like I'm still on vacation so I just chilled out for most days. The unpacking is hard as well, geesh I think I still have to get some things sorted and organize.

I'll share photos of our vacation soon so watch out for them.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music to his Ears

We're back here in Aussie land from a month long vacation in the Philippines. I have adjusted quite a bit but sometimes I wish I'm still on vacation with my family.

Anyway, my kids and I went to the mall last weekend and a music inside the mall got my son's attention. It happens to be someone was check out some musical instruments at the store playing a guitar that seems to have great john pearse strings that I saw online. My boy loves music too that's why he got curious with the sounds that he heard. He wanted to try some musical instruments too but we'll see if we'll get him any.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Gifts During the Holidays

The gifts are already given during Christmas and all my family members are very happy with all the gifts that we have given them. I bought gifts as early as June and sent the boxes overseas by October and it arrived at my mom's place by November. I had boxes an boxes of gifts and I bought them with care and love in my mind.

 Some of the gifts I gave are kitchen utensils, jewelries like PANDORA for my sister who loves bracelets, perfumes, shirts and lots more. My husband and I bought a nice watch for my older brother who patiently drives for us anywhere we go and he is using it everyday already. Who knows next time, we can give him one of these Movado bold watches on our next vacation in 4 or 5 years from now. I know they appreciate and love their gifts. My family and I also received gifts from them and I'll bring all of them in Australia when we go home soon.

Ahhh.. I love giving gifts and love seeing my family happy when they receive them.

Holiday is Almost Over

We spent Christmas and New Year in the Philippines and we'll be leaving sooooo soon. We had a blast and hope this vacation will never end. Our family was complete again after 13 years and there are many additions in the family like my 2 children and niece.

We have been to many great places and soon I'll be sharing some of our travels. This vacation is really grand because aside from our family being complete during the holidays, my children gained new experiences like swimming with Butanding, a Whale Shark in and suba diving in Cebu.

Ahhhh...... pure blisss!!