Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother and Daughter Arguments

It's never too easy to be a mother and I hope that my kids will know that. Raising them to be a responsible and good people are never to easy for a mother like me. I love all my children will all my heart and they will always be my angels and treasure that was given from above.

Raising a teen or beyond that is another story. My daughter has her own decisions and things that she wanted to be done but as long as she is under my wings, I think she should follow me for I am only after her welfare. I will not think of her being a bad and harsh situation and as a parent I will do everything to shield her from that but things are not going into a good situation.

Arguments will never go away in a mother-daughter relationships and I guess a lot of moms have gone though this phase and I know it's not that easy to handle. I am just praying that things will be alright soon.

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