Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Ways to Enjoy Mummy Life

Busy mummy here but I make sure that I have my "me" time for if not I will go One of the things I always do it to go shopping, have my nails done sometimes at the salon or in my home done by myself. I also love listening to music. Micahel Bubble always makes me giddy and inspired. Love him dearly and my husband loves him too that we play his CD in our car most of the times and we have watched some shows of him when he is here. I could not imagine not having music in our house for it'll be a boring one.

When I was a kid, I tried to learn the guitar but for some reason, I never mastered it. I don't see my kids being inclined to music but Micah did bought a guitar for herself and played too. Now, the guitar is just colelcting dust in her room. Saxophone would be a nice one to play too, and I found guys sexy when they played it. There are some exciting saxophone at wwbw and if only anyone in my family would love to play it, we might consider getting one.

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