Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In the University

As a mom, I wanted to ensure that my kids will get the  best education that they have. I wanted my children to finish their studies and take up a course that they love. It's easy to impose something on them because we only want the best for them but sometimes what we want is not what they want and love. If we force them too much on what to do, they tend to break the rules and rebel at some point. It's normal behavior but when it is worse already it's frightening and disheartening.

I always pray that my kids will have the best life as much as possible as I only want good things for them for they are all good though at some point my eldest daughter rebels at me and my hubby. The hormones in her is so hyped up and she thought that she knows everything already.

Thankfully, she is back to school now. University in the city is the best for her chosen course and I hope that one day she will be successful and will realize that all the we are saying to her is only for the good of her. Ahh.. it's really pretty hard to raise children..... especially when they think they have all the knowledge and wisdom already.

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