Thursday, January 30, 2014

Into Digital Music

Our vacation in Pinas last holidays 2013 was indeed a great bonding time with my family. We have been to many places for our mini-vacation: eat and dine, swim, sing and laugh together and I'm wishing to be back once again there in few years. Need to save again for that hehe.

 One of the things I noticed is how my nieces and nephews have grown through the year, most of them are already have their jobs and career. A nephew of mine was into music creation of sort. He loves creating music that can be used on maybe anime shows or even at games, in fact, my other nephew has hired him to do a background music for his local game. I didn't have any clue that he has liking for music, all I know is that he loves to tinker with his computer and digi-cam. It would be nice to get him a digital piano at musicians friend as a gift this coming Christmas again, who knows.

Oh well, I just hope he'd not waist his talent for he can earn money making those music I just hope he'd find clients that will use his original creations.

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