Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Drummer Boy No More

My kids are growing up so fast that sometimes I wish they are still toddlers. Love them to bits and I know they deserve a good life as they are good boy and girl. My boy loves to tinker on lego toys and other toys that requires building and also thinking while my lil' girl is a chatter one who loves dolls, nice dress and anything girly.

Though they both love music, I don't remember my eldest son ask for a drum set like this nice spaun drum or any musical instrument but he has drum toys when he was growing up where also pretend to be a little drummer boy. Ah... fun to reminisce all the memories while they are growing up and I will keep them in my heart and mind forever. I wish and pray they will grow up as fine man and woman for me and their father will be so proud of them.