Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bundle Up

It's getting warmer these days here in OZ land and soon summer will be come in December. That is quite opposite to those in the US and some parts of the world when they have snow because it's winter time there in Christmas. If I have already put our winter clothes in our storage room, some people are just taking out their winters clothes or maybe doing shopping at for some new winter stuff.

I have to say that winter can be sickening at times because there are times that my body just couldn't bear the cold winter air, to think that we don't even have any snow here in Sydney area. How much more if there is a snow where it can be freezing? I'm sure I'll be bundled up with many layers of winter

Anyway, I have some relatives and friends in the US and I know they are already preparing for their white snowy Christmas this year while we're going to have a hot one.

Home Decor Inspiration: Bubble Gum Pink

I will try to redecorate our house soon so I'm looking for some home decor inspirations. One good place to find such is at Pinterest and Polyvore where there are hips of great decorators and designers who share their talents.

Found this cute color combo: gray and bubblegum pink colors and I think they look so chic, elegant and neat. I might have to turn one room into something like this. But first I have to check out the shops to find some decors with this kind of color combination.

Introducing: Bubblegum Pink

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early Christmas Shopping

Can't wait for Christmas to arrive this year because we'll be spending our holiday overseas in our hometown in the Philippines! My family will fly there and as of this moment my kids are all excited already since it will be their 2nd time to be there. They will be meeting again their cousins, grandma, and tito/titas (aunt/uncles) on my mom's side and I know they will have a blast again just like the last time we're there in 2009.

Actually, I have shopped for Christmas presents already and have sent a box full of goodies that will arrive probably mid November or later than that. I have asked them what they want as presents and after knowing them, I hit the shops and did my early Christmas shopping. My nephew even wants a gibson les paul case for his guitar but unfortunately I can't buy it for him since it's bulky. I guess I just have to buy him that  at the local shop when I'm there already.

I'm not yet finished with my Christmas shopping for I still have some more in my list. My family is kinda big and I'm planning to give each and everyone their presents eventhough it 'll be simple.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dental Chains like Genesis Dental

Many people do not realize that there are such things as chain dental offices. Chain dentists are unique in that they have different offices in many different cities. The advantage to dental chains like Genesis dental is that these chains can often accept a lot of different insurance companies, which small dental offices often can’t afford to do. Chain dental offices can also afford to charge less than a small dental office because they have a larger client base. These benefits make it easier and cheaper for you to take care of your teeth, but what services do these kinds of dental offices provide?

Dental Maintenance

First, these kinds of dental offices offer the procedures necessary for dental maintenance. Dental cleanings are a very important part in maintaining your dental health. In a cleaning, a professional thoroughly cleans your teeth and also examines your teeth so that they can identify any signs of disease or decay before these issues become serious. Without regular cleanings, decay and disease can grow unchecked, paving the way for extremely painful and expensive repair procedures later on. For this reason, it is very important to go to the dentist for maintenance procedures so that you can keep your teeth healthy and looking great.

Cosmetic Procedures

Also, chain dental offices offer cosmetic procedures to their clients to help enhance the appearance of teeth. First, teeth straightening is a common cosmetic procedure. Because crooked teeth can cause discomfort, impede teeth growth, and cause a loss in confidence, many people choose to have their teeth straightened through one of two methods: traditional braces or invisible braces. In more severe cases, traditional braces are often more effective. Invisible braces have their own benefits as well, like increased comfort and invisibility. Next, teeth whitening is another cosmetic procedure that a dentist can provide. Teeth yellow every day from their exposure to foods and drinks, but teeth whitening can get rid of the negative appearance of yellowed teeth.At chain dentist offices, like Genesis Dental, you can get all of these services to increase the health and appearance of your teeth.