Friday, July 19, 2013

Bling it On!

BLING BLing Bling Bling Bling Bling bling Bling Bling hey!!!!!! Just singing Bling in Jingle Bells tune..... hay How I would love to get a BLING for Christmas! They say that Diamonds are a girls best friend.... they are surely my friend!!!!

But I dont want to sound too spoilt rotten!!! Yeah that the past 2 years my ever loving hubby had been giving me Blings every Christmas,, its for my Birthday, Christmas and our wedding anniv rolled into one gift. Few weeks ago we went to our jeweler to check out a Micro pave diamond bracelet,, it was to die for and absolutely gorgeous!!!! The price tag is absolutely gorgeous too!!!!

I really wanted to complete my collection and I already have the ring, earrings and a bracelet would definitely a beauty but when we went home to discuss about it  I opted to pass the BLING this year!!!!!! Yeah, since we are going to  the Philippines for a holiday  I could use the money for shopping and spending during our holiday.

Its fair enough and I can share the blessings with my family back in Pinas too... So I guess I made the right decision.... I know that these are expensive and valuable ,,, I think that my family is more valuable for me ...

 So hopefully I will have a GOOD Christmas and abundant YEAR 2014 to afford the bling next year!!!!!!

Stair Lifts: Helping Elderly, Handicapped and Disabled

Having a disability makes one helpless and sometimes immobile. It's pretty hard to see someone in any family having difficulties in walking and even climbing the stairs. Old people can experience severe pains in their backs and knees due to arthritis and other ailments and for them to move around they need assistance most of the times. Care givers may sometimes have a hard time carrying or assisting them that is why some tools are needed to be used.

Handicapped people due to accidents or ailments and people born with inability to walk by themselves face the same problem everyday. Thankfully, there are wide range of tools, gadgets and other machines that can help them become mobile and become self dependent at times.

I am glad to know that stairlifts can easily be installed on stairs and it can really help those that are having problems climbing the stairs of their own. These stair lifts can be installed indoors and outdoors and actually improve the lives of elderly, handicapped and disabled persons by making them move freely from one place to another.