Friday, June 28, 2013

Music Room

I was browsing Pintrest for music room ideas because I'm slowly thinking of turning the small room in our house an added accent room where guests can hang out. I just find it so cute to decorate them with notes on the walls and hang some guitars. I'm sure my little boy will be delighted to bang the drum and strum the guitars. It sure is exciting to get great roland at guitar center as they have one of the best guitars online.

Here are some music room that I found.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Growing up Too Quickly

My kids are growing up so fast and they are lovely as ever. However, I miss them when they are just babies when I use to wrap and cuddle them in my arms not wanting to let them go. Now, they are in primary school, learning so many things from school and from the things they see around.

My little miss wants to dance, ice-skate, and ride the bike. My lil boy is also learning so fast, he still loves creating works on his lego and I think he wants to learn to play musical instruments. Let's see if he'll ever ask me to buy him a guitar or a drum one day.

I'm just so happy that they are expanding their horizon trying to learn new things that can enrich their lives eventhough they are still young.

Creative Presentation

My kids love fruits so much that I need not forget different kinds of fruits when I do the grocery or else I will come back and buy more.

This is a very creative way of presenting fruits and for sure my kids will be more enticed to eat them. Such presentation is also perfect when we have parties so I will definitely do this if we'll have a party at home as it is very easy to do.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips to Turn Your Kids Room from a Nightmare to a Sanctuary

We all know that kids can be messy. It's inevitable that there will be messes in your life that need to be cleaned up. However, there comes a time when you must stop picking up after them. They need to learn about responsibility and just plain manners. The following article lists some great ways to turn your child's room from a nightmare into a sanctuary. It's all about functionality. It's one thing for something to look good but if it doesn't serve a purpose it just takes up room in everyday life.

Blank canvas

Before you get started it's a good idea to clear out the room. This will give you a better idea of what you are working with. You will need to consider just how spacious the room is, for smaller rooms go for lighter colours. Light colours reflect light and light makes spaces appear larger. If you decide to use a darker tone you'll need good lighting. Don't be afraid to try something different, decorating your child's room is a great opportunity to get adventurous. Try a feature wall with wallpaper or a block colour.


Gone are the days of the humble single bed. Beds are all about maximising their storage capacity. This doesn't mean that they are lacking in style. Depending on the amount of space you have, go for a bed with drawers underneath or a bunk bed. Bunks beds are no longer just beds on top of one another. If you are working with a tiny room you should look into retailers like Bunkers. They have lifted beds with desks underneath and heaps of other great designs. There are great and unique furniture designs out there, you just need to start searching.

Final touches

This is where you really should get your child involved. What are their favourite characters, colours, quotes, movies, celebrities and what inspires them? This is meant to be their space after all. You'll be able to insure that they don't go overboard. You want their space to be inspirational but to still be easy to organise. You want them to be able to keep their own room tidy.

In the end all you need to do sit down with your child and discuss together what should be included. It's their sanctuary so they should have a voice about the issue. The room should include somewhere for them to sleep, relax and study. Finally, set a budget and stick to it. You can a lot of great things with a small budget, work with what you have. Not everything has to be brand new.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Having his Time Off

We're on a holiday now. Spending time with my family in the city eating, eating and eating lol. We surely know how to eat... My husband is having a grand time and he is away from work for it's his birthday on the 12. He needs a little pampering and a way not to think about worries in his work trying to figure out stainless steel braided hose and other supplies for his business.

I want him to enjoy his day off with us and friends having some wine or beer and good laugh. That's what life should be, work hard and play hard. Work and rest should always come side by side, if not he'll be grumpy for the rest of his life hehe.

Long Weekend

Long weekend here in the land down under for it's Queen's birthday.

Spending time with my family here in the city. I will post photos soon.. Just need some time to have quality time with my hubby and kids..

Loving the time!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time Flying so Quickly

Wow, we're already in the middle of the year and that was quick!

My kids are growing up so fast and wish they are still babies that I can cuddle in my arms. I've been busy with my school at TAFE while hubby is busy with his business. Everyone seems to be busy and in no time it will Christmas once again. As you all know, I really do put so much effort in decorating our house with lots of  brown wire christmas lights, my nutcracker decors, reindeers, santas and all other Christmas decors that you can think of.

If it's taking me a lot of time putting them, it's doubly hard purring them down and arranging them on the storage room once again.

Good Read: The Interrupt Rule

Being a parent is hard work especially if you have kids under your wings.

Here's a good read that I found while browsing online and this is something worth noting and doing in our own parenting.