Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Childhood Memories

I was browsing online the other night before I go to sleep when I saw some amps from musicians friend and it immediately remind me of my childhood days. I have a very happy and colorful childhood for my parents let me discover and experience things on my own.

My sis Jen and I used to play paper dolls and of course dress up. We climb trees and even roof of our neighbor to play and have a snack. There are no gadgets back then so we played on our backyard and garage. Pretty awesome.

My older brother keeps on playing his electric guitar that sometimes we felt it was just too noisy..lol. He also plays rock music while my sis and I just continue to play with our little toy dolls and mini kitchen set.

Hall Art

I love Pinterest for there are just too many ideas that anyone can get an inspiration. I have made some DIY arts and got a lot of tips for the home and fashion just by browsing that site.

I even saw this hall art where I can made. This is where I can display the drawings or any creations by my daughter and son. It can also help them be more creative when they will see this.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tying the Knot

I love weddings! Weddings are special and romantic and I'm always looking forward in attending this special union between two couples. I remember my wedding for it is so memorable as it was held back in the Philippines. My MIL and a friend of her even attended the wedding.

Just few weeks ago, I learned that a distant cousin of ours is also going to tie the knot before the year ends. I'm so sure that they are now very busy looking wedding bands for women, wedding invitations, give-away, caterers, flowers suppliers and all. It's going to be busy days for my cousin and her soon to be husband.

Wishing them all the happiness in the world and may they know that getting married is not all bed of roses but trials also come with it.

Her Much Needed Vacation

Saw pics of my sister Jen at her FB account from her recent trip in Ilocos Region. It seems that she enjoyed her vacation together with our niece K.

She told me about this and she was excited about this trip. I'm glad she was able to take a break from her work and do this adventure. She is not that adventurous so I'm quite amazed that she embarked on this long and tiring trip. I have not been to Ilocos and it looks like it was a sight to behold and hope in the future we'll also be able to see that famous Bangui windmills, Lighthouse, Vigan and other great places there.

With the looks of it, she's going to travel more.