Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Filo Food Cravings

Lately, we've been dining out because hubby wants to taste some Filo foods every since he saw them on TV. Funny thing is, one of my friend on FB even commented if I don;t cook at home I do but you know there are times when you feel you already got bored with your cooking and all.. haha..

I guess I also gained weight and it looks like that I need to get portion control plates and bowls soon! I envy my sister who wanted to gain weight while me and others wanted to lose some weight and unwanted fats.. lol. It only shows that people don't get satisfied with their body weight at all.

If ever we'll go back to the Philippines for a vacation, we'll surely indulge with love of Filipino foods like caldereta, crispy pata that hubby loves so much, sinigang, nilaga, pochero, inihaw na bangus and many more. Ahhhh.. that makes me hungry! 

Nail Art Obsession

It was in 2012 when I got hooked into nail art and everything about nails. Why not? It is so addicting and it can bring out the creativity in me..,, But since I got so busy with my BELLA SWEET CAKES business and with my studies right now, my nail art addiction or obsession if I can call it  has slowed down. I still love doing my nails but nothing like before.

This is my very first nail art and my other nail creations. I hope I can get back to this addiction again soon!

Musically Inclined

I had the chance to talk to my former college friend via FB last weekend and I'm so happy I was able to connect with her once again. We had a good time catching up with our lives and I'm happy that she's still working as a nurse and already had her own family. She proudly told me that her son was so musically inclined that she has no option but to support him all the way. A drummer and showing signs of being a good one in the future. She might have to buy egnater tweaker amplifier if needed. Looks like there's another musician in her family just like her father in his days.

She was happy for me as well knowing that I am now here in Australia with my beautiful family. We are not musically inclined but our family is more on art that we are very proud of. We talked for about an hour while I'm trying to do some online stuff as well. Nice to hear from her and hope we'd catch up again soon. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bianca's Hello Kitty Themed Party

My lil' princess turned 8 last February and this is what I had set up for her party. It's a Hello Kitty Themed birthday party.

I styled the table set up ,, made the cake , cookies, cupcakes and the printables. It was a bit stressful making this standing up HK cake ,, I made it the night before the party , but I'm quite happy with the result.

Bianca loved the set up that I made and all her guests had a grand time.

Oh, BTW the cake  is chocolate mudcake that I baked... Check out my other creations at BELLA SWEET CAKES. 

How Can I Persuade My Partner to Seek Debt Help?

If your partner is struggling with debt, it can be hard to know how to best support them through this tough time. It’s an emotionally stressful experience which can place significant strain on a relationship, but there are ways that you can encourage them to change their situation. Here are a few ways that you can persuade your partner to seek help for their debt.

Start Early
Don’t wait until the debt collectors come knocking on your door, the trick to tackling debt is to face it head on as soon as possible. If you’ve noticed your partner is having trouble paying off their credit cards or is struggling to make their loan repayments, it’s better to act sooner rather than later.

Have a talk about credit history, and why it is so important. It’s not just an individual issue, if your partner has bad credit you could both face refusals when it comes time to apply for a home loan. You should start thinking about ways in which you can talk to your partner about their debt problem, so you can both start working on a solution sooner.

Focus on Honest Communication
You need to be open and supportive at all times with your partner, as they will likely find it hard to talk about their debt. However you need to be honest, and explain how their debt problems can impact on your relationship. Being clear and concise will help your partner to admit that they need assistance, and your ongoing support can give them the motivation they need to get started on reducing their debt.

Explore the Available Options
Chances are, if you have noticed your partner’s problem with debt, it may be too late to fix it yourselves. Consulting a professional debt solutions agency such as Fox Symes can give you a range of options. From budgeting aid to assistance with organising a loan for debt consolidation, they can help your partner to regain a feeling of control over their finances. The sense of empowerment they will get from reducing their debt will take a huge strain off your relationship.

Support Your Partner Throughout
The road to becoming debt free is not an easy one, and requires hard work and dedication if it is to work in the long term. Your partner will have to change their spending habits, cut down on luxury items, and may feel like they have very little extra to spend. Make sure that you are as supportive as possible during this time, as your encouragement can make all the difference.

Focus on the positive improvements, but don’t be afraid to openly discuss the challenges either. If your partner feels like they can trust you not to be judgemental, they will allow you to help them through this difficult time.

Discussing your finances is hard, and discussing debt is even harder. Getting your partner to seek help for their problem with debt requires honesty and good communication between the two of you. However with your support, and the help of Australia’s leading debt solutions specialist, your partner will be back on their feet and enjoying life debt free. Contact Fox Symes for information on how your partner can lead a debt free life for good.
Written by Emma Jane

Graduates Soon

I learned from my sister that my niece and nephew in Manila are graduating from University soon. One finished her Multimedia Arts and Sciences while her bro is Computer Engineering at the same University. We  are so happy and proud of them because after many years of hard ship studying, they are finally graduating soon. 

Their parents are extra happy for their hardship working overseas will be paid off with the graduation of their 2 children. My sister and her hubby will come home for their children's graduation this May and this event is surely something to celebrate.

I wish my niece and nephew congratulations and good luck in their chosen career. I also learned that my nephew already had a job even before he graduates. Awesome! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

4 Ways to Cut Child Care Costs

Child care can be one of the greatest expenses for parents with young kids, yet for many it’s a necessary service that can’t be avoided. If you’re having trouble balancing the expenses of putting your kids in care, there are a range of options available to you. Here are 4 simple ways that you can start reducing the cost of child care for your kids. 

Shop Around
You wouldn’t buy the very first car you look at, so why do the same with childcare? Compile a list of the childcare centres in your area and start calling for quotes. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are willing to beat a competitor’s quote to gain your business. Make sure you factor in the cost of the commute and impact on your time for centres that are further away. 

Apply for Flexible Hours
Many workplaces understand the strain that childcare can place upon parents, and may allow you to tailor your hours to better suit your kids. As long as you have the opportunity to make up the hours, you may be able to create a working pattern which allows you to cut down on your childcare costs. Share a Babysitter Teaming up with friends or neighbours to hire a nanny or babysitter for your kids can be a significantly better investment than the cost of childcare. The benefits are that your children will be professionally looked after with individual care and attention, which can sometimes be overshadowed in busy care centres with large numbers of children in each group. 

Work from Home
Working from home might seem like a dream for most parents, but with enough drive and determination you can make it happen. Whether you create your own business or look into some form of freelancing work which you can do from home, the benefit of staying home means much less spent on childcare.

Before you decide to quit your job and start working from home, you need to make sure your financial situation is secure. Consolidating any outstanding debt or credit cards that you have should be your first priority. Set up a free consultation with a reputable debt solutions agency such as Fox Symes to ensure that you are starting your new venture without the stress of outstanding debt.

Keep in mind that if you are working from home, you may still need someone to look after the kids occasionally while you have meetings, client appointments, or simply need a few hours to focus on your work. Ask your friends and neighbours if they have older kids who might be able to look after your children for a few hours, it can be significantly cheaper than hiring a nanny.

Cutting the cost of childcare can significantly strengthen your financial position and reduce stress. If you’re still finding it hard to make ends meet, talk to the professional consultants at Fox Symes debt solutions to work on debt solutions that will see you in charge of your finances once more.
Written by Emma Jane

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tax Season

Having a business is no joke for there are lots of things to take care: products, services, employees, payroll and taxes just to name a few. Accountants like accountant carson thorn will be busy once again in computing annual income tax returns for last year. Need to contact our own CPA for the paper works.

Meanwhile, my sis who also has a small business back in Phils. doesn't have any accountant for their income is not that high. Our SIL who is a bookkeeper does the paperwork for her, I guess if the annual income doesn't meet the certain amount, they are allowed not to have an account. Oh well, at least she is still paying her income tax all the time.


Nothing beats being a mom! I'm a mom to 2 beautiful daughters and a son and they are my life and my precious gift from above. I cherish every minute I spent with them and will not want anything but them including my hubby.

Never been too Busy

Things can be pretty busy here at the Land Down Under. I've got my wifey and mommy duties plus my work and studies too. Wooo... I'm super woman, right? I know I can do it as long as I can prioritize and schedule all the things that need to be done. Also, I will not accomplish things if not for the help of my hubby and kids. Hubby is also busy with our benchtop business and he still needs to check on the house if there are repairs or supplies that needs to be bought like spring pins and boards on the project that he is thinking.

Ahh.. what a life but I'm loving every second of it!

Hornby Lighthouse at Sunset Sydney, Australia

Source: via Espresso on Pinterest

Ahhhh.... this is an awesome picture of the Hornby Lighthouse at Sunset  here in Sydney, Australia....

My sister Jen has this penchant for lighthouses and when she came here for a vacation few years back, my husband and I took her to Kiama, NSW where not only she saw the famous "Blow Hole" but also the beautiful light house there. She literally took a lot of photos there and now she's wanting to see lighthouses again in different places.

If ever she'll have the chance to come back here again, we'll take her at Hornby Lighthouse.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Different Course

Wow.... time really flies so fast. My nieces and nephews back in the Phils. are all grown up now. Some have graduated in collge with different degrees, 2 more will graduate soon while some are in highschool and the youngest is 10 years old which is in grade school. The last time that we went back in the Phils. was in 2009 and oh boy they have changed a lot especially the 2 young teens in their highschool.

I learned from my sister Jen that one of my nephew is contemplating of taking up conservatory of music in college at the top univ in the country. Wow, I never thought that he's consider that course but if that is what he likes then he should go for it. I know that his parents will support him in any way and for sure if he needs the best headphone amplifier for his studies, they will surely buy one for him. I just wish that they will study hard and give something in return for their parents when he has a job already.

My Daughter at Surrender Music Video by The Collective

Just in case you didn't know my daughter Micah appeared in this video: Surrender by The Collective  and she got pretty good exposure here. So proud of her.

The song is upbeat and very youthful, wanna make me dance and it makes me feel young at 18. Yay!

The Collective is an Australian boy band with members: Trent Bell, Julian De Vizio, Zach Russell, Jayden Sierra and Will Singe. Their group was formed during the 4th season of The Australia's X Factor in 2012 and they placed 3rd at the finals. Now, the band is under Sony Music Australia and their 1st single is "Surrender",

Added Income

It's been a while since I was able to talk to my sister in the Philippines and fortunately few days ago I was able to get hold of her at facebook. We just chat for a while since I'm also busy with some works. It's good to know that her online work is doing good but it's sad to know that her internet cafe is not picking up these days. Desktop computers prices and internet subscription have gone down tremendously in their place that's why almost all household have pc already making her business slow....

 Anyway... I know she can find some other sideline that can give added or extra income for her. She can do graphic designs as well and I will not wonder if one day she'll venture into cigar affiliate program to get some commission out of it. I'm just wishing her luck.

My Bella Sweet Cakes

Just in cake you didn't know , I'm accepting orders on cakes, cuppies etc. You can order at BELLA SWEET CAKES at my FB page if you are near my area. Check it out and contact me for quotes.

 Here's my current cake creation. Isn't it grand?


She wants to learn how to play a flute

It's been awhile and I haven't updated my blog ,, been busy with the kids at school ,, and as for me me ,, been busy too,, I decided to go and take and short course at TAFE,, so I'm back to school too .

My lil girl is now in Year 3 ,, whoooa  time is so quick ,,, I started this blog when she was only around 2 years old , now she is 8 and a very smart girl too .. She loves school and love to join most of the school activities ,, from dancing to sport , now to music and how she  mentioned that she wanted to play a flute  , I told her that , that would be nice, I always wanted to play that instrument when I was young ..  so I have to search around where to get a good value flute that she can cherish forever.

Her lesson will start in 2 weeks time and she is very excited about it .. she sometimes watch some youtube to see how kids play the instrument ,, its good that she is enthusiastic about it and cant wait for her to learn it and play something for me ...