Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shopping.... Shopping...

I've been feeling excited these past few because of our upcoming overseas vacation back home. Only 1 more month and we're going and I'm yet to finish some more stuff before I can rest. It's tiring but I'm very much excited as well as the kids. I have scoured the shops to find nice gifts for my nieces and nephews plus my siblings and all of my family. I even had the chance to browse american audio dj gear at musicians friend with the hopes of finding a gift for my nephew who'm I heard loves music so much that he planned to take up conservatory of mysic in the univ. this coming June 2014. Wow, I'm amazed as I have no inclination that he'd go that path. I'm not sure if he'd change his mind.. we'll see...

I have sent a box full of goodies already just in time for Christmas and I hope that it will arrive early December. I still need to go to the shops for more shopping as I still need to cross out all the items on my shopping list.

My sister back home is also so excited to see us especially the kids because it was in 2010 when she saw them. I'm sure my kids will have a blast once again in PI. yay!

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