Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How You Know When You Need Chimney Repair

Chimneys can play a vital role in keeping your home warm and cozy during the cold months of the year. In order to safely take advantage of your chimney, you need to make sure that it stays clean and in good repair. In NJ, chimney repair and cleaning can save you from the physical danger that can arise when chimneys are neglected. Here is some advice on how to properly take care of the chimney cleaning and repair.

Cleaning Your Chimney
Over time, chimneys build up soot and blockages of creosote, a highly flammable substance that reduces the effectiveness of a fireplace and increases the risk of a chimney fire. The buildup on chimney walls can make it so that fire smoke doesn’t properly filter out of your home. In order to avoid these kinds of negative consequences, you should have your chimney inspected once a year to determine if cleaning or repairing is necessary. Regular chimney cleaning is absolutely essential in removing buildup and soot on the chimney walls in order to allow for proper ventilation. If you use your fireplace on a regular, daily basis, then you will need to have regular, yearly cleanings to eliminate the risk of undiscovered defects in the chimney that can necessitate expensive and extensive repairs. The best time to have your chimney cleaned is during the off-season for your fireplace, so during the summer or early fall. Cleaning at these times will allow you to start the colder seasons with a clean chimney ready for regular use.

Determining If You Need Repairs
In NJ,chimney repair may become necessary for the proper functioning of your fireplace and chimney. The best way to determine if repairs are necessary is to have your chimney inspected. A professional inspector can best assess your ventilation system and advise you on where problems may exist and the best options for resolving those problems. Before you start lighting up your furnace in response to weather changes, you should have an inspection performed to assess your chimney’s condition and determine if you need to have your chimney cleaned or if there are ventilation issues necessitating repair.

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