Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early Christmas Shopping

Can't wait for Christmas to arrive this year because we'll be spending our holiday overseas in our hometown in the Philippines! My family will fly there and as of this moment my kids are all excited already since it will be their 2nd time to be there. They will be meeting again their cousins, grandma, and tito/titas (aunt/uncles) on my mom's side and I know they will have a blast again just like the last time we're there in 2009.

Actually, I have shopped for Christmas presents already and have sent a box full of goodies that will arrive probably mid November or later than that. I have asked them what they want as presents and after knowing them, I hit the shops and did my early Christmas shopping. My nephew even wants a gibson les paul case for his guitar but unfortunately I can't buy it for him since it's bulky. I guess I just have to buy him that  at the local shop when I'm there already.

I'm not yet finished with my Christmas shopping for I still have some more in my list. My family is kinda big and I'm planning to give each and everyone their presents eventhough it 'll be simple.

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