Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bundle Up

It's getting warmer these days here in OZ land and soon summer will be come in December. That is quite opposite to those in the US and some parts of the world when they have snow because it's winter time there in Christmas. If I have already put our winter clothes in our storage room, some people are just taking out their winters clothes or maybe doing shopping at for some new winter stuff.

I have to say that winter can be sickening at times because there are times that my body just couldn't bear the cold winter air, to think that we don't even have any snow here in Sydney area. How much more if there is a snow where it can be freezing? I'm sure I'll be bundled up with many layers of winter

Anyway, I have some relatives and friends in the US and I know they are already preparing for their white snowy Christmas this year while we're going to have a hot one.

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