Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top cities for the coffee lover

Coffees popularity is through the roof at the moment. We all seem to crave that caffeine boost to get us through the day. There are a few of us though classified as aficionados. We walk amongst the normal people, completing everyday tasks and functioning like they do. Nothing separates us from them excluding our different appreciation of the humble coffee break. The smell of roasting coffee beans not only calms our mind but causes us to salivate. The following article is for the true “believers”, the true coffee aficionados. Coffee is a hobby so why not invest in a holiday?

Istanbul, Turkey

Tea is the beverage of choice in most Istanbul cafes. Turkey is still the inspiration behind other coffee-loving cities. Their rich black coffee is a well-kept secret. The baristas roast and grind beans into a fine meal; this is then boiled with sugar in a pot (cezve).

Tel Aviv, Israel

The coastal cities are swamped with cafes. There’s iced coffee to refresh you in the summer and hot coffee to warm you up in the winter. Israeli follows the Turkish tradition of dark rich coffee. The coffee is dark, intense and rich. There is a unique culture when it comes to cafes. It’ll be hard for you to not fall in love with the atmosphere.

Havana, Cuba

Café cubano is an espresso shot infused with demerara sugar, Havana is the best location to get one or twenty. The coffee is small and sweet with a big punch of caffeine. The flavour can be quite intense even for the most experience coffee adorer. Try a cortadito, an espresso topped with milk.

Paris, France

Most of your coffees will be paired with a sweet treat. Don’t worry, you are on holiday! The coffee has been rated as nothing special but the cafes themselves make up for it. They attract you with their open-air seating, cosy tables for two and steaming espresso shots.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It’s the birthplace of coffee; obviously it had to make the list. There are coffee ceremony’s that you must absolutely take part of as a coffee admirer. The ceremony involves roasting, grinding and then brewing coffee beans in a clay pot called jebena.

Rome, Italy

You won’t have to travel far to find a café, perfect for when you need a coffee fix. What weary traveller doesn’t need a coffee fix? The city thrives on caffeine, it’s their power source. Order any coffee you like. The quality of beans, the machines and presentation is high. To find more coffee destinations view this page. You’ll be amazed at the opportunity.

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