Monday, April 22, 2013

Hot and Humid

Been hearing from my sister and my other friends living in the Philippines that it was just too hot and humid lately. It's nothing new because it's usually very hot and sticky when it's summer in the Philippines but it's very awesome to go to the beach, out of town and see nature. Temperature is ranging most of the times from 34-36 with matching 38 humidity.  I would love to come home one day during summer time but I prefer not to bring my kids and husband for I would not want them to experience how hot it is back home.

I'd prefer the cooler months like December and January for it is also nice to go places and enjoy the trip. Right now, it's chilly here in Aussie land for winter is coming very very soon so I need to bring all the winter clothes again soon.

If it's summer and hot in Manila it's different from where I am now.

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