Monday, April 22, 2013

Driving a Car

Nothing beats owning your own vehicle for you can go anywhere any time you want. Dear hubby owns a Toyota Hilux for 3 years now while I enjoy my Nissan  XTrail for 5 years already. Do I need a new one? Hmmm... why not? but at this time, we're not replacing them.

Before, I used to drop and fetch my eldest daughter to her school, dancing class and some other places but thankfully she's driving now. We gave her a cute red Holden car as a birthday gift about 2 years ago and since then she's been to many places. Just praying that she drives carefully all the time.

Back home in Pinas, we have 2 Toyota vehicles (a van and Tamaraw) for many years now ( I guess over 15 years) and it looks like they need to find toyota oem parts when they need to have it repaired. Thankfully, there are shops that sells original parts so it's pretty easy to find what they need. These vehicles served our family for a long time now and I guess they deserve a brand new vehicle soon, that is if they have the budget to buy one hehe...

Hot and Humid

Been hearing from my sister and my other friends living in the Philippines that it was just too hot and humid lately. It's nothing new because it's usually very hot and sticky when it's summer in the Philippines but it's very awesome to go to the beach, out of town and see nature. Temperature is ranging most of the times from 34-36 with matching 38 humidity.  I would love to come home one day during summer time but I prefer not to bring my kids and husband for I would not want them to experience how hot it is back home.

I'd prefer the cooler months like December and January for it is also nice to go places and enjoy the trip. Right now, it's chilly here in Aussie land for winter is coming very very soon so I need to bring all the winter clothes again soon.

If it's summer and hot in Manila it's different from where I am now.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Various Collections

My older brother is a visual artist and a collector at the same time. He has this small art gallery in their house in the Philippines where he displays all his canvass paintings, photography, and various art and memorabilia collections.

He already won various national awards for photography and visual art painting competitions and before the month end, he is having a one-man-show art exhibit in an art gallery. Apart from that, he collects various memorabilia such as old photos of celebrities, stamps, magazines, vintage bottles, coins and more. I know that he'd appreciate all the coins available at for silver eagles and early releases of coins such as this.

I'm not sure what he can get out of collecting such items but I'm positive that he loves doing it for I believe it can give him a different euphoria.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Recipes for Green Cleaning

While browsing online, found this very helpful tips. I guess I need to try this one time using materials and solutions that can be seen in every household. This can be eco-friendly and probably can save me some extra bucks.

Not quite sure of my dear daughter M will help me clean the whole house especially our big glass doors. Yay!.....