Thursday, March 7, 2013

She wants to learn how to play a flute

It's been awhile and I haven't updated my blog ,, been busy with the kids at school ,, and as for me me ,, been busy too,, I decided to go and take and short course at TAFE,, so I'm back to school too .

My lil girl is now in Year 3 ,, whoooa  time is so quick ,,, I started this blog when she was only around 2 years old , now she is 8 and a very smart girl too .. She loves school and love to join most of the school activities ,, from dancing to sport , now to music and how she  mentioned that she wanted to play a flute  , I told her that , that would be nice, I always wanted to play that instrument when I was young ..  so I have to search around where to get a good value flute that she can cherish forever.

Her lesson will start in 2 weeks time and she is very excited about it .. she sometimes watch some youtube to see how kids play the instrument ,, its good that she is enthusiastic about it and cant wait for her to learn it and play something for me ...

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