Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Filo Food Cravings

Lately, we've been dining out because hubby wants to taste some Filo foods every since he saw them on TV. Funny thing is, one of my friend on FB even commented if I don;t cook at home I do but you know there are times when you feel you already got bored with your cooking and all.. haha..

I guess I also gained weight and it looks like that I need to get portion control plates and bowls soon! I envy my sister who wanted to gain weight while me and others wanted to lose some weight and unwanted fats.. lol. It only shows that people don't get satisfied with their body weight at all.

If ever we'll go back to the Philippines for a vacation, we'll surely indulge with love of Filipino foods like caldereta, crispy pata that hubby loves so much, sinigang, nilaga, pochero, inihaw na bangus and many more. Ahhhh.. that makes me hungry! 

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