Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Daughter at Surrender Music Video by The Collective

Just in case you didn't know my daughter Micah appeared in this video: Surrender by The Collective  and she got pretty good exposure here. So proud of her.

The song is upbeat and very youthful, wanna make me dance and it makes me feel young at 18. Yay!

The Collective is an Australian boy band with members: Trent Bell, Julian De Vizio, Zach Russell, Jayden Sierra and Will Singe. Their group was formed during the 4th season of The Australia's X Factor in 2012 and they placed 3rd at the finals. Now, the band is under Sony Music Australia and their 1st single is "Surrender",


  1. Hi sis, visiting here. I'm watching the music video right now. Ang ganda ng music nila. I'm curious din to see your daughter. Is she the one wearing a floral blue polo? She's really pretty. :)


    1. Hi Yami, yeah sya yon.. sitting by the pool din at some parts. Thanks