Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Different Course

Wow.... time really flies so fast. My nieces and nephews back in the Phils. are all grown up now. Some have graduated in collge with different degrees, 2 more will graduate soon while some are in highschool and the youngest is 10 years old which is in grade school. The last time that we went back in the Phils. was in 2009 and oh boy they have changed a lot especially the 2 young teens in their highschool.

I learned from my sister Jen that one of my nephew is contemplating of taking up conservatory of music in college at the top univ in the country. Wow, I never thought that he's consider that course but if that is what he likes then he should go for it. I know that his parents will support him in any way and for sure if he needs the best headphone amplifier for his studies, they will surely buy one for him. I just wish that they will study hard and give something in return for their parents when he has a job already.

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