Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Need a new sunnies

Its been a week now since we came back form our holiday to Port Macquarie NSW ,, we had such great time ,, we hired a holiday house with a swimming pool and a jetty at the back ,, a great place because we were able to bring our beloved Puppy dog ... we actually searched online for a place that will allow us to bring our pet dog,, it was great to find this place ,, because we like to bring our lil fella with us ... We did a lot of fun stuff,, fishing ,swimming, beach ,, shopping and chilling .... We also did a Fish and chips river cruise ,, this was memorable for me because ,, I dropped my sunglasses in the water and went straight down ... ahhhhh my beloved sunglasses !! my hubby was so disappointed with me ,,, now here I am ,, sulking and I need a new sunglasses a Ray Ban Aviator would be nice !!!! disaa

Been awhile since my last update ...

Im back!!! Whooaaa ,, I was in hibernation ... During the last few months ,, I was caught up in big jobs,,, I am trying to build my small business .. been busy baking and trying out stuff ,, and the fact that Christmas time was the most hectic time for me ...we had our 1st Christmas in our new place and we also had our first Christmas party ,, around 60 people came ,, so I was a like a walking wreck ,, trying to organize everything ... This year ,, I didn't even have time to get browse and think of christmas gifts for sisters ,, yeah ,,naughty me ,,, I only sent them cash overseas ,, tsk tsk ... but this year ,, I really have to organize it , anyways ,, we are planning to go overseas and visit my family ,, so I have to make up to it ... but above all ,, I welcome this yer 2012 with open arms and hoping that it is going to be a good year for us ..... cheers