Monday, August 20, 2012

Love to sing

Its the start of X factor tonight , I started watching bits and pieces and there are kids who are talented that are in the show ,, for sure this will be our nightly ritual , Xfactor show ,, and the fact that we know someone that got in the show , so we will surely watch it ,, its my daughters singing partner, he is such a good singer ,, aside form having blessed wit beautiful voice he can also play piano and guitar , he also helped my daughter to play guitar , even told her to buy a new guitar but she already have her own guitar ,, maybe next time when she wants to get a new one ..

My eldest daughter is onto music, she once starred as a character of Gabriella for High School Musical   stage in our local musical company , she is also a lead singer for a HS band in their school , attending a musical lesson from a reputable singing teacher in our locality ,, hopefully her dreams of being big will come true ,, if not ,, she is happy and enjoying with whatever she is doing ...

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