Monday, April 23, 2012

Rain again

Its raining  again here in Sydney ,,   ,, its is predicted to be a wet Autumn and Winter ,,  Hey!!!!  we already missed a sunny Summer ,, its been rainy most of the summer !!!  we didn't even have a chance to go to the beach ,,, and have a healthy glow and enjoy the sun ,,, I guess people just went ti have a a tn using a spray tan machine ...  So summer was wrecked ,, autumn is rainy too and Winter will be cold and wet ,, argggg .... whats happening to our weather ???    Ok , they say that its La Nina ,, but please Ms La Nina ,, can you give us less down pour ,, our dam is full and overflowing , our garage is flooded and things inside there are all wrecked and needed to be thrown away , my hands and feet are feeling cold and my muddy place is making me cranky ..  so please Mr Sunshine come back and shine this week !

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