Friday, February 3, 2012

A gold wedding band is classic

There isn’t much more classic than gold wedding bands. They have been around for centuries and are the most purchased wedding bands today. There are a few different types of gold. There is white gold, rose gold and of course yellow gold. Even with the different colors of gold there are also different purities of gold. The lowest used in jewelry is 10 karat gold. It contains less than half gold and is mixed with less expensive metals. Then the most common form is 14 karat. Then 18 karat is the most pure used in jewelry.

The most up and coming form of wedding bands is tungsten wedding bands. In fact many sites like Tungsten Rings Online focuses solely on tungsten rings. Tungsten is a great metal. Even though it isn’t a precious metal it makes for a great wedding band. They are virtually scratch resistant and will look new for a very long time. Unlike precious metals that will scratch very easily.

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