Friday, August 24, 2012

Alll About Git Wrapping

Wrapping Gift Bags with Style - RetailPackaging.Com

Monday, August 20, 2012

Love to sing

Its the start of X factor tonight , I started watching bits and pieces and there are kids who are talented that are in the show ,, for sure this will be our nightly ritual , Xfactor show ,, and the fact that we know someone that got in the show , so we will surely watch it ,, its my daughters singing partner, he is such a good singer ,, aside form having blessed wit beautiful voice he can also play piano and guitar , he also helped my daughter to play guitar , even told her to buy a new guitar but she already have her own guitar ,, maybe next time when she wants to get a new one ..

My eldest daughter is onto music, she once starred as a character of Gabriella for High School Musical   stage in our local musical company , she is also a lead singer for a HS band in their school , attending a musical lesson from a reputable singing teacher in our locality ,, hopefully her dreams of being big will come true ,, if not ,, she is happy and enjoying with whatever she is doing ...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Four Tips for Filing a Divorce in Another State



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There is much legality that your lawyer should be aware of when you file for divorce. While they are aware of the necessary laws, it is important for you to understand the system as well. This is because you should know what your rights are, and what you will be getting into when you file for divorce and undergo the process.

Sometimes, some divorces take place outside of their original state where the marriage was held. If this is you, you may want to be aware of some tips that will help you know what state to file for divorce in.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rain again

Its raining  again here in Sydney ,,   ,, its is predicted to be a wet Autumn and Winter ,,  Hey!!!!  we already missed a sunny Summer ,, its been rainy most of the summer !!!  we didn't even have a chance to go to the beach ,,, and have a healthy glow and enjoy the sun ,,, I guess people just went ti have a a tn using a spray tan machine ...  So summer was wrecked ,, autumn is rainy too and Winter will be cold and wet ,, argggg .... whats happening to our weather ???    Ok , they say that its La Nina ,, but please Ms La Nina ,, can you give us less down pour ,, our dam is full and overflowing , our garage is flooded and things inside there are all wrecked and needed to be thrown away , my hands and feet are feeling cold and my muddy place is making me cranky ..  so please Mr Sunshine come back and shine this week !

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Online Shopping!

The internet is a great thing however; it’s not the most reliable in some cases, especially when it comes to jewelry. Once a good reliable site comes along with quality items the prices are outrageous. So let’s say I want to buy good quality, low priced pearls online, well I search about 100 different sites to come across maybe 4 or 5 that I am satisfied with. This is a lot of work. However, since I do love pearls, natural or cultured the prices always vary, but I think the middle man mark up is always hard to see what it too much. So, when looking for any type of jewelry online, be careful and trust your gut, allow yourself to think that high dollar doesn’t always mean the best quality.

Freshwater pearl bracelets are growing increasingly significant in the world; they are worn by thousands or women of all ages. Bracelets can be combined with crystals, other gems, or simply other naturally colored pearls. Pearl bracelets are essential for every woman’s wardrobe. They are a great addition to any outfit for a particular occasion. With all the different variety and each piece’s uniqueness guarantees the perfect pearl jewelry.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Party for my kids

We just celebrated my kids birthday party 3 weeks ago . It was a Western theme ,, so kids were dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls ,, it was such a fun party.
Too bad that it was raining the night before and our backyard was muddy and wet , so we have to cancel a jumping castle for that day , plan B was implemented ,, a lot of dancing and indoor games were done, my eldest daughter who plays guitar and can sing entertained the kids with Taylor Swift songs , she is quite good playing with her guitar all she needs is a stand for her guitar .. I might look for one.

The party went on smoothly and with lots of smiling faces.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Look, New Clothes

It’s always fun to experiment on wardrobe. Nothing beats the excitement that buying new clothes and upgrading my closet can bring. I’m a mother of 3 and I always see to it that I still look gorgeous every time I go out with my DH and kids. Moms should never forget that they still need to look good even if they have children and not working.

I just had my new haircut this week and that made me feel younger and gorgeous as ever. It’s been a while since I had a change of hairstyle and I thought it’s time for a change. I do trim my hair occasionally but it’s only now that I had a change of style and I love it. Now, with my new haircut, I want to shop for some new clothes as well. I know, my dearest hubby will allow me to do that.

Before hitting the shops this weekend, I browsed online and saw that Grey and Osbourn is another great place to find nice clothes for women. These are just some of the fenn wright manson designs that I found. Since they are based in the UK, I need to find something similar in our shops soon. Ahhh.. I can’t wait to shop.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Change of Season

Its Autumn in Australia ,, wheewww,, where did summer go ? I did not even enjoy Summer ,, it was raining most of the time and my favourite time of the year just went pass quickly . Now , we are having ,, chilly mornings and early nights ,, I will soon start packing away my Summer clothes .. there are still summer clothes that I just bought and haven't worn .

My skin is prone to drying ,, so cold weather is makes my skin really dry ,, time to hydrate my skin with shea butter and also start my hair with hair treatment ... Getting my winter wardrobe organized too and probably checking clothes that needed to be donated and purged to make way for a new season wardrobe ....

Friday, February 3, 2012

A gold wedding band is classic

There isn’t much more classic than gold wedding bands. They have been around for centuries and are the most purchased wedding bands today. There are a few different types of gold. There is white gold, rose gold and of course yellow gold. Even with the different colors of gold there are also different purities of gold. The lowest used in jewelry is 10 karat gold. It contains less than half gold and is mixed with less expensive metals. Then the most common form is 14 karat. Then 18 karat is the most pure used in jewelry.

The most up and coming form of wedding bands is tungsten wedding bands. In fact many sites like Tungsten Rings Online focuses solely on tungsten rings. Tungsten is a great metal. Even though it isn’t a precious metal it makes for a great wedding band. They are virtually scratch resistant and will look new for a very long time. Unlike precious metals that will scratch very easily.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Need a new sunnies

Its been a week now since we came back form our holiday to Port Macquarie NSW ,, we had such great time ,, we hired a holiday house with a swimming pool and a jetty at the back ,, a great place because we were able to bring our beloved Puppy dog ... we actually searched online for a place that will allow us to bring our pet dog,, it was great to find this place ,, because we like to bring our lil fella with us ... We did a lot of fun stuff,, fishing ,swimming, beach ,, shopping and chilling .... We also did a Fish and chips river cruise ,, this was memorable for me because ,, I dropped my sunglasses in the water and went straight down ... ahhhhh my beloved sunglasses !! my hubby was so disappointed with me ,,, now here I am ,, sulking and I need a new sunglasses a Ray Ban Aviator would be nice !!!! disaa

Been awhile since my last update ...

Im back!!! Whooaaa ,, I was in hibernation ... During the last few months ,, I was caught up in big jobs,,, I am trying to build my small business .. been busy baking and trying out stuff ,, and the fact that Christmas time was the most hectic time for me ...we had our 1st Christmas in our new place and we also had our first Christmas party ,, around 60 people came ,, so I was a like a walking wreck ,, trying to organize everything ... This year ,, I didn't even have time to get browse and think of christmas gifts for sisters ,, yeah ,,naughty me ,,, I only sent them cash overseas ,, tsk tsk ... but this year ,, I really have to organize it , anyways ,, we are planning to go overseas and visit my family ,, so I have to make up to it ... but above all ,, I welcome this yer 2012 with open arms and hoping that it is going to be a good year for us ..... cheers