Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love to sing

2 years ago when we went overseas ,, my eldest daughter bought an RJ guitar from the Philippines ,, Ramon RJ Jacinto is a popular musician in the Philippines ,, she  is self taught guitarist ,, learning from youtube and  from guitar chords chart  , she was picked it up easily ,,  but lately havent seen her play the guitar ,, aside from playing the guitar , she is also attending a  singing lesson . She loves to sing , dance and act ,, 2 years ago she played Garbriella from High School Musical  and she did very well , she  also a singer form the jazz band of her school and she is in fact ding well ,,  so will surely continue her lessons and learning more about music.

Cant wait for the Party

I am on the process of organizing my daughter's 7th birthday on February ..  Since I am doing a party set up ,, I will surely make my lil girls a party to talk about,, Have already a theme on my mind and its been approved by my Lil Missy ,, its going to be a CowGirl party ,,I will hire a pony for the day ,, so kid can ride a pony ,, kids are surely going to have a good time ,, but I wanna makes sure that they are safe and will be wearing   riding helmets  and there is someone to hold or guide the pony around the area ..
The party will be held at my place and they have enough space for everything ,,  I started getting things online for the kids party bags ,,,  I am  so excited about this event .