Monday, October 24, 2011

Last term of school

We just started the last term of school 3 weeks ago here in Australia and before that day I was getting the kids organized and buying school supplies and sometimes wondering why cant we have a coupon system like in the US ,,, I was looking at a website that offers an online the discount school supply coupons where you can just easily print and cut it,, heaps of discounted items too and can save you time and money .
What I did was to go to the shops , list on my hand and getting all the school supplies ,, some are regular price and some have minimal discount ,, it would be great to get a discount on everything ,, hmmm have to search if we do have a good coupon here in our place or I'm not quite aware of it ...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scary ...

I had a scare of my life last night ,, I almost had a car collision ,,, this @#### kids on a P plate was driving carelessly on the wrong side of the road ,, I was just lucky to have missed them by an inch!!! phewww.....!!! those youth who walk around the shopping centre ,, wearing hats ,with funny shirts and hanging around smoking and harassing other shoppers should be banned from the area.. its a disgrace,, not only they can harm others but also very irresponsibly doing silly stuff.. get my blood boiling,, that is why I make sure that I am cautious every time I drive ,, you'll never know ,, I might bumped in to the guys who are bums!!!!!