Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Joys of Being a Mom

Married life is bliss but starting a family and having kids are additional blessings that every woman should be thankful for. There’s no point in wondering why Mother’s Day is widely celebrated across the globe. It may not be an official holiday but almost everyone tries to find a way to make this day special for mothers. Maybe being a mom is one of life’s greatest mysteries, an experience where one could learn a lot of things.

Now motherhood does not come easy. There are challenges and problems along the way and the ability to handle and solve these obstacles are the things that could make a mom, extraordinary. One tough situation is how to balance time between work and family. There are still a great number of mothers who struggle between their family and work duties. The key here is proper time management. Always set aside some quality time with your kids and make sure to show your love and support even through small things.

But stay-at-home moms are as busy as those with professional careers. From the start of day until bedtime, there’s always a task to do and errands to attend to for the day. This is probably why motherhood is often referred to as a 24/7 job. But ask any mothers out there and you’ll hear no complaints. Life might be busy and hard but the look on the child’s face and the innocent smile could lighten any burden. That right there is the joy of being a mom.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Football Theme

Been busy sourcing and finding some inspiration on the theme football ,, surfing the net and looking for accessories to go with the table that I am going to set up and then photo shoot ,, I am starting to organise the small business that I mentioned a few months ago ,, setting up a party table for birthdays and other occasions ,, I wanted to get all the ideas so I can make a good set up ,, the theme is Football so I need cakes, props , football gifts ,coordinated cookies and cupcakes, lollies and everything about the theme ,, loving all the different colours and I'm getting excited about this theme and will surely post some pictures when I'm done...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Growing up

My lil miss is getting herself into using computer games ,, she is only 6 years old and the other day her older cousins were here and taught her how to play games online ,,I should have known better and stop them right from the start ,,now that she knows how to do it ,, she often ask me to go and check her virtual pets ,,, that is the start of asking for things,, next thing she will ask for a mobile phone, tablet netbooks , sleep overs , call her friends on the phone ,,, arrgggg,,, I dont want that ... I have a 17 year old daughter and one headache is enough for me ,, buy me this ,, buy me that ,, can I do this ,, can I go there .... Ok ,, the joys of motherhood,, Must be the fear of having girls ....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Too much to worry about

I'm happy to say that my husband is a quitter!!! in a good way .. he stopped smoking ,,, ahhh that was a relief , he had been feeling a bit down during the last few months ,, so a doctors check up confirmed that he have a high cholesterol ,, so high that he has to take medications to avoid unnecessary complications ,, he was also prescribed tablets to quit smoking ,, he wanted to quit before but its just hard for him without any assistance ,, so 2 weeks now without cigarette ,, wohoo!!! he is also eating sensibly ,,more vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat ,, less saturated fat and more fiber food ..
He feels good and feel more active and he is now looking after himself, I don't want him to be all stressed up with his work ,, he worries about things too much , bills,job quotation, enquiries, order, finding a good life insurance quotes , rent payment ,, new machinery and alot more ,, too much things to worry about and I want him to calm down little bit and relax,, ahhhh serenity now..........

Monday, July 11, 2011

Zugo: You put life into order

Amazingly! More and more people are benefitting in terms of quicker and easier web search specifically when innovative ideas like new start page and tool bars became popular. When Zugo products surfaced, there were varied reactions especially to some who had misconceptions about its use thus making them worry no end citing privacy issues. They also had varied unsupported ideas like they thought it is a spyware, malware or virus that can threaten their computer use. Those who are not yet ready for modern change like installation of downloadable softwares are the one who initially questioned the idea, not knowing that there is guaranteed satisfaction and benefits they can derived from it and uninstalling Zugo product is easy if they think it does not meet their standards but it rarely happens.

How can someone not enjoy a cleverly designed start up page and tool bars that stand out giving their sites wide exposure and increased clientele? Undoubtedly, Zugo products are tailored to any search solutions and it caters to all techie and non techies alike allowing them to enjoy their internet activities easily. It certainly delivers what it promised of easy use and will not compromise computer performance.

What is this that I’ve heard that their search engine partners are the likes of Yahoo, Ask or Bing?
I can’t wait to have Zugo into my life too, surely, I will be one satisfied user!.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cranky hubby

I was chatting with my friend the other day and she was telling me how disappointed on how the public hospital is making them wait for her husband's knee reconstructive operation,, they been waiting or months now to be scheduled for the operation . He's been off from work and its frustrating for them ,,money wise and husband is getting soooo bored at home, making him cranky , I can understand why .. her husband needs a knee reconstructive surgery ,, he hurt his knee at work and he did the disability appeal so that he can have his surgery .. So now my friend has to go and find a work ,, she said that she needs to be out of the house or she will get insane ,, with cranky hubby on her side .. Hopefully she can find a job soon,, since hubby is at home he can can drop and pick the kids up from school .... I know how hard it is for her and sometimes I tell her to drop to my place so we can have a cuppa and a chat .. That's what friends are for....

Veggie garden

Last week my hubby finished installing our veggie patch, he made 6 vegetable beds and I'm very happy about it .. It was good to have something for the kids to enjoy , herbs are expensive to buy a the grocery and sometimes I only need small amount ,, so its good that I can just snip it off from my garden , aside from the veggie patch we still have heaps of things to do at home , Im not worried about it because I know that hubby will find time to do things at home,, the most important thing is that we are now living into our new house and not paying rent anymore , its hard to find homes for rent   and it was expensive ,, especially paying every week .   I love our house , love the view and kids are happy here ...