Thursday, March 31, 2011

The cake that I made

The past few weeks ,, my new interest is about baking, it began when I was desperately needed someone to make a Lego cake for my son's 8th birthday , the lady that made my daughters cake was fully booked and suggested that I should try and bake a cake,,  ,,, hmmmmm,, that would be a challenge knowing that I never baked a cake from scratch ,, only from cake in a carton ,,,   I wanted to make a fabulous cake that taste good too....  So 3 weeks before the birthday , I bought a Planet Cake book and as my hubby suggested I that I should practice first ,,,,   so this was my first Fondant cake 

OMG it was terrible looking ,, but it tasted really nice,, although a bit sweet for my husband's liking , it was so hard to put the fondant on and the cake wasn't smooth enough ,,,   OK   a disaster ,,,,   so hubby said we are just gonna buy a Lego cake , hubby contacted a cake shop,, yeah they can make a cake but just simple and not the cake that I wanted ,, so 1 week before the bday and no one to do the cake ,, hubby said I can do the cake and just make it simple ,, r just put some Lego blocks on top ..
I bake the cake , ganached and left for awhile to be decorated , with the book on my sight ,, and a picture of the cake that I wanted to do , I mustered enough courage to try and do it  and if I fail I 'll just buy a cake from the shops ..
Stayed al night preparing ,,  the hardest part was putting the green fondant on the cake ,,, gezzz,, it was so hard, so I moved on and did the small Lego blocks first ,,then the Lego man ,, alas I did the fondant ,,,  I was so excited ,, the cake wasn't perfect but I was surprised with the result !!!

Slept at 3 am and hubby woke me up in the morning happy and surprised to see the cake .   He said that he never expected that I can do that..
I received a lot of compliment about it and I'm happy about it ,, the cake was really nice it was a Chocolate Mud cake with dark choco ganache,,   yummy and made me feel that I needed to check out lipozene reviews  .   Anyway the party was a success and my by was so happy with his cake.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worried teenager

My 16 year old daughter was complaining about the outbreak of her acne,,,, she used to take a medication prescribed by the dermatologist ,, but she already finished the 3 courses of her treatment ,, now that she stop using the acne meds ,, it is starting to show up again ,,, she is frustrated and wanted to go on the treatment course again ,,, but I have to check on her dermatologist ,,, she might want to just use a cream or astringent first, I was reading about pronexin reviews and might check it out if its safe and effective for her...
I am going to post her picture but for sure she would be cranky seeing her pic with all her hated pimples on her face ,,, so lets just leave it that way ....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty stuff

I've been so slow on posting the birthday parties that I did for my kids ,, Lil Missy had her 6th birthday last February 21 and Lil Master B had his birthday on March 19 ,, hahhhh ,, all done and all those sleepless nights looking for inspiration for a themed party ,,yes,, and I love em,,,

Ok Lil Missy had a Fairy Party ,, I love this theme ,, so many inspirations ,, colourful and really girly ...
One thing that I loved was the cupcake toppers and labels that my sister made for my lil girl ,, and its all free..... it was a good birthday pressie ,, since she is from overseas ,, making an invitation and the tags are good enough ... they came out really nice and I just printed them myself ,, I just need to upgrade my printer and look for a good quality inkjet printers
I'll be posting my boys birthday next time ,, so watch out for it ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick again

Hmmm,, what a big change of weather today ,,, the Autumn chill is definitely here in Oz .. Windy and chilly today and whenever there is a drastic change of weather,, my boys asthma would flare up,, he was aving a simple cold the other day and now he is all clogged up and feeling chesty ,,, went out today to watch Gnome and Juliet which is by the way such a FUN movie ,, kids enjoyed it ,, the music ,,the story and the characters , so right after the movie ,, we went staright home ,, gave him a paracetamol and his puffer ,, I might look at those dehumidifiers online and check if I can afford it .. that would be good for him ,,,, now he's in bed and resting ,, I just hope that he will get over that nasty cold soon....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shine my floor........

We are slowly doing things at home everyday we have to check our TO DO LIST ,, last weekend my Hubby finished tiling the laundry room,, yes !!!! he is not a tiler but with a lot of patience he was able to finish it ,, we saved heaps by doing it ourselves . My hubby is very clever , since he is the owner builder, most of the things at home were built by him ,, the timber cladding , my cabinetry, my veranda , my kitchen , my wardrobe , insulation and heaps more,, it is pure labour of LOVE....
The house is looking good ,, I love how my timber floor blends in the house ,, we opted for a hard timber floor instead of a laminate floor ,, big price difference and we can see how nice it is ..
I just have to keep it clean and wash the floor every other day ..

This was the first morning when we moved .. love that shiny floor!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is going to be my new hobby

This is what I bough the other day , a Planet Cake beginners guide to decorating incredible cakes ... I was reading the book and I am loving all the creations ,, ahhh I wish I can do nice cake like that ,,, the book is well detailed and with a step by step instructions I bet I can follow it and be able to create wonderful cakes and cupcake , I promised my self that I will try everything in this book ,, I know , it will be additional expenses for me ,, my credit card is going to explode ,, BTW speaking of credit card I was looking on rfid blocking products that prevent electronic fraud ,never heard about it yet ,, but I hope that everything will be ok ,,,
Paris Cutler also released the second book Planet cake cupcakes which I am also interested , anyway ,, I've tried the mud cake recipe today and will be ready to be decorated tomorrow and then I'll find out if I am really creative .....

I have to bake

I am getting obsessed with Lego at the moment ,, searching about Lego party ,, my lil daughter celebrated her 6th birthday 3 weeks ago and now its my boys' 8th birthday on March 19 and he asked for a Lego party ,, so here I am blog hopping and net surfing about Lego ,, I've seen heaps of beautiful cakes , I wanted to order a cake from the lady who made Bianca's cake, but unfortunately she is busy and cannot accommodate my request,, with such a short notice I cannot find anyone who can do the cake that I wanted ,, so I am considering of doing the cake, yes,, I know ,, I am not a baker ,, I have a new nice oven ,,, hehehe ,, so armed with courage and dedication I psyched myself that I can do it!!!! I went to buy a Planet cake recipe book and hoping that in such a short period of time I can whipped a professionally looking cake !!!! Yeah Dream on!!!!!
My husband is obviously doubting my talent ,,so I must try to prove him wrong ,, anyway ,, if it's a disaster I'll just dash off to my local patisserie and buy a cake ;)
I baked a chocolate mud cake today so that I can practice and tomorrow I will start on decorating it ,, I tasted the cake and hmmm tastes yummmm ,, never know I might end up baking beautiful cakes and make it a business instead of going into merchandising jobs ... OK dream on again !!!!

I'll post pics and keep everyone updated if it turns into a disaster or a triumph ...!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dessert table

This was the dessert table that I set up for my lil girl's 6th birthday party .. The dessert table is starting to be popular here in Australia , unlike in the US where it is a big hit to have a party like this,, here it is slowly making its way to kid's parties .. I've been organizing the party for a long time ,, filing heaps of photos and getting ideas by blog hopping and Internet surfing ... I love Amy Atlas site and through that site it linked to other party sites ..
The table was such a big surprise fr all the guests and they enjoyed it ,, I prepared a bag for them so they can choose whatever they want to take home,,, nice..... and yumm too...