Sunday, February 27, 2011

Food Trip #1

Food Trip #1
Every now and then we would go out for dinner , I usually cook at home but we like to dine out .. last month we went to Hunter Valley for a weekend and we went to the Pub at Harrigans I ordered a Chicken Parmigiana and whooa look at the melted cheese ,, ahhh divine ... they all went in my tummy.. and probably ended up on my hips , yes I need to check on some diet pill review and find a best one ..

The kids ate their ususal favourite chips and nuggets and hubby settled for the Fish of the day ...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Mum ,, not that ....

These are my kids ... The gorgeous tall young missy is Micah my 16 year old daughter. This was taken last November when she attended her Year 7 Formal party ,, ahhh the head ache of choosing a dress, shoes, hair style , bag , accessories , teeth whitening , natural acne products , make up and so on and so on ,, It was really hard for her . I have to drive her everywhere ,, and when I choose stuff for her the comment would be the usual "YucK Mum !!! " I cant wear that !! No Mum,, Not that!!! gezzz ok do it yourself Princess....!! and she did and she's done really well ..
She looks stunning ......

Heart shaped hair

Just sharing this picture ,, I've heaps of pictures of hairstyle that I did for my lil girl,, this one is my fave ,, a heart shaped , but funny enough I did not do this style last valentines day ,, because I've completely forgotten to style her hair that day ... We just moved in to the new house at that time and not enough time to style it .. I miss doing her hair , we used to rent a house next to the school and during that time I had plenty of time to do her Bento lunch and do her hair nice ,,but now that we travel 15 minutes just to go to school ,, morning is a chaotic scene in my house ,, but I will surely settle in and start doing beautiful stuff again ...

Moved in

Our new house lovely ,bright and spacious. Every morning I would peek outside the window and see a beautiful day .... BTW, dont have curtains yet so I can just turn to my left side and look outside .
My hubby and I worked hard really hard to be able to have a house like this,, Hubby is the owner builder and it is such a hard work , pain and headache managing everything , He's done most of the stuff,, organizing,, hiring people and budgeting , but he always ask my opinion or make some choices .
These are the pictures when of the frames for the house , no asbestos here people ,, so no nasty incident ..
But yeah,, we had chosen carefully most of the materials that we used , safe and in accordance to Australian standard .

I'll will post the latest picture of the house soon...

How is it to be 40 for me....

ahhhh,, 40 and feeling tired at the moment ..... I rarely post my pictures here , not comfortable enough to show all the freckles and wrinkles on my face ,, but hey Im not a model nor a fashionista ,, I am a Mum of 16 year old daughter , 7 year old boy and my lil princess who just turned 6 and a wife to a wonderful hubby who just built me a lovely home ..
I love it ,, I love here in Australia ,, migrated here for almost 10 years now and settled in really well , the weather is beautiful!! but summer time can be really hot , the sun is intense and gave me so much freckles and some wrinkles , started using anti wrinkle cream and a good sunblock , but as I said 40 ,, that's when I began to notice changes ,, I try to be positive and have a good lifestyle, but there are other factors including natural , nature or man made but all I know is that I am Happy as a wife and a mum ...... and 40 is just a number for me!

Taken on my 40th when hubby whisked me away for a weekend at the city .. Galileo restaurant at the Observatory Hotel in Sydney

Bianca's cupcake

This was Bianca's cupcake last week for her 6th birthday party.
Ahhhh,,, the big party was already finished ,, I am glad that everything came out really well ,,I was planning her birthday for ages ,, been looking for inspirations and motivation to do something special for her ,, there are some minor details that I wasn't able to do , but over all it was really good and I received a lot of compliment about it .
i was happy that I did the dessert table for her with all the lollies/ candies that was set up ,, it was so appetizing that I might need the most effective weight loss pills . But hey ,, it just for one day and kids were happy to just scoop out their own lollies ..

I made this cupcake ,, and I finished baking until 3 am the day before the party,, not because it was time consuming but because I have tons of things to do ,, but it was worth it .... Cupcake toppers made by my sis JenL , I just printed them on a photo paper ...

More pictures to come....

The big move ....

So much had happened the last few months ,, the Big move was done 3 weeks ago ,,it was exhilarating but rewarding .. I was all hyped up ... 1 week after the move we had a birthday party for my lil girl ,, she turned 6 and I might say having the party made me worked so hard , I was motivated to unpack things and put them to places ,, I felt that I was a Tasmanian devil ,, with all my might and energy I was able to do it and during the party as people looked around the house they were quite impressed that I was able to set up the house so quick ,, yeah ... I don't need fat burners because I sweat it all out ,, day and night as I go through every room and packed away ,, it was a good exercise for me,, and here I am all exhausted and still doing more stuff at home ,, but hey I love it ,, I love the house and the way it looks ....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stressed out

Ahhhh... I'm back ..... sorry for all my blogging friends and visitors ,, the process of moving is just so overwhelming .. and to my service provider who is really gave us heaps of head ache , troubles and delays may the force be you !!!!!!!! yeah!!! #@@@******
Anyway ,, now its start to get people updated ...

We moved in to our new house 2 weeks ago and with all the unpacking and the cleaning up ,, I am just extremely exhausted ,, not only physically but more mentally and with that I am looking haggard and stressed out and with wrinkles showing !!! grrr... does it mean I have to look for the best wrinkle creams in the market ??? sigh........ and the worst part is that I have tons of houswork to do .. more boxes still to be unpacked , more stuff to sort out and a big house to clean and maintain .. But with all that I just LOVE my new house!!!!!!

Keeping in Touch Back Home

Oh dear, we still don't have net connection here at our new home but thanks to McDonalds and our neighborhood grocery for their wifi as I still was able to read my e-mails and browse a little with my phone.

Aside from that I was able to keep in touch with my sister back home in the Philippines and know what's happening there. I also heard that my niece who is taking up Film got a new Macpro laptop that she needed while editing her videos. Meanwhile my sister wanted another dekstop and been canvassing for computers at the shops and online. I'm not sure why she still needs one but I'm pretty sure she'll use it at home while doing her graphic designing.

Chamilia Beads

Oh I just love bling blings! Even though diamonds have become part of my wardrobe, I still find it cute to wear bracelets with beads. I remember my sister gave me a bracelet with sparkling beads as accents as a gift when she had her vacation here in OZ and I loved it. The only problem is it is missing because we've been packing and unpacking our stuff and moved to a new house.
I guess I can find a replacement when I found chamilia beads online. They have an array of beautiful bead collection, some even have swarovski crystals in them. I'm sure I can make another beautiful bracelet with those beads.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Excited to Move

Our house is finally finished but we still can't move as of this time as there are many things to install and paint. My hubby is a furniture maker by trade and can also install benchtops for kitchen and other stuff so we're able to save because he's the one finishing the house. Right now, he still needs to install some more doorknobs in the kitchen so he'll be buying one of those Baldwin hardware that we saw online.

I'm just so excited to move in the new house and start my decoration. I know I have a lot of things to do when we get there like unloading stuff from the boxes and figuring out what theme I want in the living room, etc. My head is full of ideas when it comes to decoration and I hope I can put all of them once we start our big move. Yay... I'm excited!

Me Time

Yey, the kids are back in school so that means I have more free time for myself. I guess, a spa time would be perfect but shopping is more fun! I can go to shops now without kids in tow and perhaps go to the gym as well while they are in school. How'd I wish my hubby and I can also go on a cruise, just like one of those cruises but we can't leave the kids behind.

Anyway, I love taking a vacation with my whole family. I'm wishing by the end of the year, we'll go to some where to have some fun.