Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Developing a Safe Place at Work

We all know that accidents can happen anytime at any place. No matter how careful we are, at times, we can’t really control it. But what happens when accidents occur in a place where everyone is at risk all the time? Like for instance, an organization or best example would be, a construction site. We are all aware that construction sites are extremely dangerous not only for all the staff working there but also for the people passing by and the buildings and surrounding them.

When an accident occurs, it will always bring expenses to anyone, particularly to the employer or owner of the business. No matter how minor or how worst it may be, they will need to spend money for the victim to receive the treatment that he deserves. After all, employer should always ensure the safety of his people and the workplace as well, aside from the fact that they should provide proper insurance to the employees. They should be the one responsible in making sure that all facilities, machineries and other tools used within the area are secured enough and function well. If there is a need for improvement and development, proper and immediate attention should be given because even if we can’t control certain accidents, at least they try to minimize the risk of happening.

In addition, for the protection of every employee, they must have the right gadgets to use to help prevent injuries and any types of accidents. Like in a construction site, they should be provided with hardhat, gloves, harness and the like. Their job is never easy and let’s take into consideration that they are somehow risking their lives so they really deserve to be given genuine precautionary equipment for their own safety.

One more thing that needs to be taken cared of is to immediately report the workplace accident to the authority and always take note how the incident happened, under what circumstances it took place and how severe it caused the victim. If there is a medical team in a certain company, they should also be informed immediately so that the victim will be given first aid treatment. This is very important so that the organization will be given attention for them to take measures of preventing the accident from happening again. Investigation must be performed to know who is at fault and in conclusion, the employer is at fault, the victim has the right to make a claim for compensation.

And in order for a certain company to report the incident immediately to those who have the authority to handle certain kinds of workplace accident, they are advised to have a solicitor or someone who can provide the most appropriate frond end solution for submitting the FROI or the so called First Report of Injury just like ClaimCompass offers. This can be beneficial to the company for they can save money in complying with the needs of the victim and also, this will be efficient with the victim as well, as they will be given proper treatment and medication that they deserve.

Remember that it is always the safety of every people that counts. Again, we may not control the accidents from happening but at least, we can lower the risk of it by simply implying safety measures to our surroundings and workplace. Everyone should be responsible and always pay attention to whatever is in need of improvement and development. Don’t think twice! If you think there is a problem with the facilities around you, always have a work to your supervisor or owner if given a chance because this will be for the benefit of all employees and the company itself.

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