Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Career in Nursing

Even though I am not practicing my nursing profession right now, I’ll always be a nurse in my heart. I have cousins, aunts and uncle who are nurses and I have to say that I have seen how they love their career so much. My aunt and uncle who met when they are still nursing students have worked on various hospitals in the Middle East in the 80’s and are now settled in the US. They are still working in a hospital there as senior nurses and there’s no doubt that they are already fulfilled with their career choice. Aside from that, nurses are well paid and their good salaries have made them saved and acquire some properties.

Back in the Phils., my sis used to tell me that there’s a wave of students taking up nursing as they believe that, that career will make them earn more. True enough, many nurses have been successful in their jobs and that made nursing course more appealing to students take in college. You can’t blame people from dreaming to have a career that they love and that can earn more for their family.
In addition, due to the increase of health issues all over the world, nurses are always in demand and as a result, more hospitals and health care facilities are employing qualified nurses. I reckon, nurses will always be in demand and Soliant Health can also help qualified and experienced nurses to get jobs. Careers in nursing can open a lot of opportunities work and financial wise. Nursing career can allow nurses not only extend their helping and caring hands to sick patients but also change the lives of their own family. Nursing is a great career option today and in the future.

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