Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time to Add More Shelves in the Kids Room

It’ll be a year soon since we moved to our newly constructed house and I’m loving every minute I spent in this house with my loving hubby and my kids. We are creating new beautiful memories inside the house and that is most important. Apart from that, I’m still furnishing the whole house eventhough we get to use old furniture that we brought from our old house.

The kids’ room need some more shelves most especially at my lil’ daughters room for her reading books and her stuff toys. They seem to be blowing in numbers so I need to set aside a whole day to properly arrange them on the shelves. It’s just too unsightly to see them on the floor when she’s misbehavin’ by not putting back her toys and books because they don’t all fit on the shelves anymore.

Anyway, I have to check out at the shops this weekend and will ask my dear hubby to buy one. Oh, I think I want to have something like this, I saw this at The White Company and I have to say that they have nice Children's Shelving options for any kids’ room. Perfect, it’s school holidays this week and that means no more sending and fetching them on school in the meantime so I can have more time at home organizing their closets and other stuff.


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