Monday, August 22, 2011

Comfy afternoon

Our family love to watch movies at home ,, having Foxtel is good because we can easily access new released movies and we just order it and watch it, especially during weekends,, Winter time here and its nice to be rugged up in the lounge , eating popcorn on a Saturday afternoon watching movies ,, but there is something missing in our afternoon movies,, that is a surround sound system ,, ahhh hubby wold live to install a surround system , a stereo speakers perhaps, that would be great ,,it would be like watching in a cinema ... We already have the most comfortable lounge that we splurged ,, a duck feathered lounge and when I say comfortable ,, it is really a comfy one ,, there are numerous time that I end up having a nap on that lounge ,, goodness me ,, no snoring here...

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