Friday, July 15, 2011

Too much to worry about

I'm happy to say that my husband is a quitter!!! in a good way .. he stopped smoking ,,, ahhh that was a relief , he had been feeling a bit down during the last few months ,, so a doctors check up confirmed that he have a high cholesterol ,, so high that he has to take medications to avoid unnecessary complications ,, he was also prescribed tablets to quit smoking ,, he wanted to quit before but its just hard for him without any assistance ,, so 2 weeks now without cigarette ,, wohoo!!! he is also eating sensibly ,,more vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat ,, less saturated fat and more fiber food ..
He feels good and feel more active and he is now looking after himself, I don't want him to be all stressed up with his work ,, he worries about things too much , bills,job quotation, enquiries, order, finding a good life insurance quotes , rent payment ,, new machinery and alot more ,, too much things to worry about and I want him to calm down little bit and relax,, ahhhh serenity now..........

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