Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thinking of starting a business

I am busy at the moment ,, thinking of putting up a small business,, with the ever growing trend of themed parties for kids that 's been sweeping up like a storm ,,I am considering on jumping on board ,, the craze is not yet available in our place ,, so it would be good if I would start the business .. The business is setting up a themed birthday party,, I know that entails a lot of details and it would be expensive setting up .. I already started buying things like ,, vases, lolly jars, decorations and I still need heaps of stuff to be able to achieve my goal of setting up a themed party ,, I might need a payday advance for that ,, not only that I need a lot of time , researching and finding resources and vendors to be able to fulfill my future endeavor ..
I am loving all the work and the featured work of Amy Atlas ,, it is so inspiring and with all the beautiful design that were featured on her site ,, I am full of happy thoughts seeing the creations.... Just loving everything and I am feeling positive.
My favourite Sydney based sweet stylist is Leanne of she is amazing ,, simple design , pleasing to the eyes and just oozing with prettines...
This is Leanne's work it was her daughters 5th birthday party lolly table .... ahhhh stunning

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