Saturday, May 7, 2011

Talk of the town..

Ok Ok ,, the most awaited WEDDING of the Century had passed ,, we've seen the Gown , the handsome Prince , the royal family the guests and all the fun fare that happened during the day ,, most of the TV stations broadcasted the event ,, so those who dont have the luxury of having a FOXTEL ended up watching the wedding ..
But the star of the day was Kate's sister ,, yes the now ever famous Pippa Middleton ... With a fabulous look she just outshone her sister,, Kate is an elegant bride ,, and I like her gown but Pippa is also getting the attention ,, with her simple long dress ,, good thing she didn't pick those short bridesmaid dresses or she would end up in the worst dress,, but she did the right thing ..
ahhhh,, gorgeous ...

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