Sunday, May 22, 2011

Setting up

As I was thinking of having my own business ,, I am wondering if I should get a course on online business degree so I can have an idea on how to run it ,,, although my hubby is around to help me when I need some advice and help in general ..
I am also considering of joining a mummy forum on stay at home mums and for sure I will get heaps of advices and inspirations so maybe I dont need an online business degree online bus.As for now I am in process of getting organized and filling all the necessary papers and stuff ..
I am also coordinating with my partner ,,i was eventually going to do it by myself but I will surely need a help and an extra fund would be nice ,, so I invited my friend if she wants to get on board with me , she was happy to work with me ,, so hopefully everything will run smoothly ... cross fingers.....