Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its good were OK

On my way home from picking my daughter from dancing ,, I almost encountered an accident ,, there were car in front of me and they I think it was doing around 100 km /h and then the car on the opposite road just crossed on our path ,, he was so I slowed down in disbelief because he can cause an accident by crossing my lane ,, &85442###@@@ as I was mumbling ,, but then when I slowed down I noticed that he was helping a guy I think he was riding a motorcycle ,, he was down on the road ,,, whooaaa good thing the car helped him or I might have run over him,, considering that that is a 100 k zone and the road is dark,,, he must have been run over by the car infront of me who by the way just run off ,, I was about to stop but I slowed down,, but I just told my daughter we have to move on because it is dangerous to stop ,, I just hope that the guy is Ok ,, imagine that ,, the car that hit him just run away .

That is why , I am always cautious on the road,, I always drive at night because I have to pick up my eldest daughter from dancing or from work ,, usually finishes at 10 pm ,, and that road is notoriously dangerous,, the cars just go fast and the road is dark ,, so Thank goodness we are all good .......