Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Mothers day had passed and most of the Mothers out there were pampered ... (I hope so!) I love celebrating Mother's day ,, it only comes once a year ,, so we Mothers need a break,, its good to say to other that Its our day and we don't have to do a thing.. Its always Kids day everyday ,, so this day is our day and we need to celebrate it ...
Woke up with my kids greeting me a Mothers day ,, ahhh that was heaven ..... Opened their gifts and even though I did not get the but I was still happy because my kids gave me stuff for baking ,, which is my obsession at the moment ,, so I was happy with the gifts,, the painting and the drawings that kids made from school was well appreciated ,, hubby gave me 2 Bibles,, actually baking Bibles to be exact ,, now I have to read it and learn by heart .... Went out to see my hubby's grandmother and then we went out for a nice lunch ,, I also called up my Mum from overseas and extended my greeting to all my aunties and SIL .. so where you pampered too????

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