Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost .......

It's been a different weather today in Sydney ,, a heavy rain ,, flash flood and cold gusty  wind on a winters day and they said that it will be the same till Wednesday ,, it was really dangerous to drive especially at night time ,, I would always travel at night ,, picking up my eldest daughter from work or from dancing and with the the weather and the way some people drive I have to be cautious ,, although I don't have an insurance ,, The other night I was almost had an accident after an L plater suddenly stopped on the road instead of merging into one lane ,, I was following him and I was quick enough to put on my brakes ,, it was so close and I was so shocked ,,  11 pm and with an L plater on the road it is way too dangerous!!!  But good thing I am ok  thats why Im very cautious and always on a look out for possible danger ..