Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning how to drive

My 16 year old daughter is an L plater and she is so eager to learn how to drive ,, my hubby took her for a driving lesson and he came back home frustrated ,, (hey the guy have no patience...) anyways , it was a nightmare for my hubby he just told our daughter that she need to book a driving lessons first then he can take her when she is already confident,, I cannot take her because I am still on my P plate so, its hubby's job to take her for a lesson ..
They are using y car ,, so I have to make sure that my car is in good condition,, actually it needs to be serviced and changed oil, then I have o renew our roadside assistance which is due for renewal next week . Then the tyres needed to be pumped up ,, with everyday use and tear it is now due for a change .
My daughter is also seriously saving money so that she can buy a car ,, but we told her not to rush things because it is still a long way before she can drive and she needs to have around 150 hours of driving experience ..... Good luck to her then.....

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