Sunday, March 6, 2011

This is going to be my new hobby

This is what I bough the other day , a Planet Cake beginners guide to decorating incredible cakes ... I was reading the book and I am loving all the creations ,, ahhh I wish I can do nice cake like that ,,, the book is well detailed and with a step by step instructions I bet I can follow it and be able to create wonderful cakes and cupcake , I promised my self that I will try everything in this book ,, I know , it will be additional expenses for me ,, my credit card is going to explode ,, BTW speaking of credit card I was looking on rfid blocking products that prevent electronic fraud ,never heard about it yet ,, but I hope that everything will be ok ,,,
Paris Cutler also released the second book Planet cake cupcakes which I am also interested , anyway ,, I've tried the mud cake recipe today and will be ready to be decorated tomorrow and then I'll find out if I am really creative .....

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