Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick again

Hmmm,, what a big change of weather today ,,, the Autumn chill is definitely here in Oz .. Windy and chilly today and whenever there is a drastic change of weather,, my boys asthma would flare up,, he was aving a simple cold the other day and now he is all clogged up and feeling chesty ,,, went out today to watch Gnome and Juliet which is by the way such a FUN movie ,, kids enjoyed it ,, the music ,,the story and the characters , so right after the movie ,, we went staright home ,, gave him a paracetamol and his puffer ,, I might look at those dehumidifiers online and check if I can afford it .. that would be good for him ,,,, now he's in bed and resting ,, I just hope that he will get over that nasty cold soon....

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