Friday, March 11, 2011

Shine my floor........

We are slowly doing things at home everyday we have to check our TO DO LIST ,, last weekend my Hubby finished tiling the laundry room,, yes !!!! he is not a tiler but with a lot of patience he was able to finish it ,, we saved heaps by doing it ourselves . My hubby is very clever , since he is the owner builder, most of the things at home were built by him ,, the timber cladding , my cabinetry, my veranda , my kitchen , my wardrobe , insulation and heaps more,, it is pure labour of LOVE....
The house is looking good ,, I love how my timber floor blends in the house ,, we opted for a hard timber floor instead of a laminate floor ,, big price difference and we can see how nice it is ..
I just have to keep it clean and wash the floor every other day ..

This was the first morning when we moved .. love that shiny floor!!!

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