Sunday, March 6, 2011

I have to bake

I am getting obsessed with Lego at the moment ,, searching about Lego party ,, my lil daughter celebrated her 6th birthday 3 weeks ago and now its my boys' 8th birthday on March 19 and he asked for a Lego party ,, so here I am blog hopping and net surfing about Lego ,, I've seen heaps of beautiful cakes , I wanted to order a cake from the lady who made Bianca's cake, but unfortunately she is busy and cannot accommodate my request,, with such a short notice I cannot find anyone who can do the cake that I wanted ,, so I am considering of doing the cake, yes,, I know ,, I am not a baker ,, I have a new nice oven ,,, hehehe ,, so armed with courage and dedication I psyched myself that I can do it!!!! I went to buy a Planet cake recipe book and hoping that in such a short period of time I can whipped a professionally looking cake !!!! Yeah Dream on!!!!!
My husband is obviously doubting my talent ,,so I must try to prove him wrong ,, anyway ,, if it's a disaster I'll just dash off to my local patisserie and buy a cake ;)
I baked a chocolate mud cake today so that I can practice and tomorrow I will start on decorating it ,, I tasted the cake and hmmm tastes yummmm ,, never know I might end up baking beautiful cakes and make it a business instead of going into merchandising jobs ... OK dream on again !!!!

I'll post pics and keep everyone updated if it turns into a disaster or a triumph ...!!

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